Christina Lauren is a best-selling author duo from contemporary romance. Their latest book, The Soulmate Equation, should not be missed. It is a captivating plot, lots of chemistry and even unusual couple.

Jess Davis is a numbers genius who loves regression analysis and probabilities. Also, she’s a single mother caring for her child Juno with the assistance of her grandparents and best friend Fizzy.

The Soulmate Equation: A Summary

This story is written by the best-selling duo Christina Lauren and explores the combination of destiny and choice. The novel, which is a fresh approach to romance that is fueled by science is the story of an unlikely friendship with Geneticist River Pena and statistician Jess Davis.

Jess lives a simple life, raising her daughter Juno along with her parents and her best friend Fizzy while working at Twiggs cafe. She’s fed up with her monotonous existence, and wants something else. It’s not until she gets to meet the sexy funny and charming the founder of GeneticAlly the DNA match-making business.

Jess despite being hesitant but decides to go with the numbers and gives the dating game a go. But when she’s dragged from one event and then the next due to her uncompromising partner, she begins to wonder whether this really is her true love after all. Soulmate Equation Soulmate Equation is an enchanting romantic novel that’s perfect for those who love slow-burn and romantic tropes of hate-to-love. Awarded the top spot from Bustle, Goodreads, E! This book, which has been featured on Online and Marie Claire is an absolute must for fans of the genres of romance and science fiction.

Book Review: The Soulmate Equation

The Soulmate Equation is a new romance by the popular couple Christina Lauren, authors of The Unhoneymooners, In a Holidaze The Unhoneymooners II, and In a Holidaze. The Unhoneymooners II. It takes place in the life of Jess Davis a statistician that lives life in accordance with statistics. A single mom, she enjoys her quiet life raising her daughter Juno alongside her grandparents as well as their best friends Fizzy as well as working at Twiggs the local cafe. The woman spends the majority of her time scouring through the data of customers in the background of the online dating application based on DNA GeneticAlly that is creating an impact in the world of matchmaking.

But when she’s matched with the GeneticAlly founder, a bitter male named River Pena, who Jess regularly sees at Twiggs along with her most beloved friend, it turns out to be more than just her numbers. When the two begin to navigate their new relationship it becomes clear that the most complex mathematics of all lies in the heart. The slow-burning, humorous romance will be a hit with fans of love, romance and romantic fads. Bustle Marie Claire and E! are among the many who have chosen this as among their top picks. Online PopSugar, Goodreads, as well as other sources.

A Must read for romance fans

The soulmate equation the latest romantic novel by the popular writers duo of Christina Lauren. In the Unhoneymooners, In a Holidaze and many other books written by the renowned writing duo Christina Lauren rank among the most well-known of their works. The book tells the story of a statistician, who finds the love of a woman thanks to her research. The tale is about an unmarried mother and Data whiz who meets by the founder of GeneticAlly. The company uses DNA tests to determine potential matches. Jess enjoys numbers and regression analyses, however she doesn’t want to get back in the scene of romance.

She works at Twiggs and raises Juno along with Fizzy who is her closest friend. Then, one day, she is able to meet River at an event for scientists and decides to transfer her genetic material. Jess is initially turned off by River’s grouchy, angry persona, but as she is constantly interacting with him, Jess realizes there may have more to his personality more than she originally thought. It’s a great romance for those who enjoy romantic tropes like long-term love or love-to hate.

The Last Conclusions

Jess Davis, a single mom and a mathematician by profession, isn’t at all convinced of her return to the dating scene. A single mom, Jess is content with raising her daughter Juno with the assistance from her grandparents and best hero Fizzy and juggling a freelance statistics job at Twiggs The coffee bar she owns along alongside River Pena, a handsome geneticist who she meets regularly at the place.

Jess’s world is transformed as she connects with River through GeneticAlly, a new matchmaking service based on DNA. While she’s skeptical, she’s determined that she’s not her soulmate, when they are taken through events from one to the next and dubbed the “Diamond” couple that can raise the stock price of the company, Jess begins to realize that there’s more to this smart man and the art of finding your soulmate than she imagined. A New York Times bestseller, The Soulmate Equation is the new book by the best-selling writers Christina Lauren and Josh Christina Lauren (Love and Other Words, Roomies, Josh and Hazel’s Guide To Not Dating, Autoboyography, The Unhoneymooners And The Soulmate Equation, which was also A Holidaze). The novel has been acclaimed by Bustle as well as E as being among their Top Picks. Online, Goodreads and Marie Claire each of which have chosen this novel as their Top Pick.