If it’s about contemporary romance, top-selling writer pair Christina Lauren always delivers. Their latest book, The Soulmate Equation, is definitely not one to miss. The Soulmate Equation has an excellent plot, a lot of romance, and even some unusual couple.

Jess Davis is a numbers genius who loves the study of regression and probability. As a single mother, she’s who is raising her daughter Juno with help from her grandparents as well as her most cherished pet Fizzy.

A Summary of The Soulmate Equation

Published by the best-selling writing team of Christina Lauren, this is a story about the delicate balance between fate and decision. This book, a new approach to romance that is fueled by science is a story about an unexpected friendship with Geneticist River Pena and statistician Jess Davis.

Jess lives a modest, however, fulfilling existence. She takes care of her child Juno along with Fizzy and her best friends Fizzy. While doing this, she is employed at Twiggs coffee shop. But she’s bored with the monotony of life and longs for more. When she meets the angry, unruly founder of GeneticAlly an online matchmaking firm.

Jess, despite her doubts, decides to trust in the numbers and decides to give dating a try. When she’s being dragged from one event from one to another by her ferocious partner, she begins to wonder whether this really is her soulmate after all. Soulmate Equation Soulmate Equation is an enchanting romantic story that’s ideal to those who enjoy slow burn and romantic tropes of hate-to-love. Bustle Goodreads as well as E! have all selected this novel as one of their top choices. Online And Marie Claire, this novel is an absolute must-read for fans of romance as well as science fiction.

Review of The Soulmate Equation

The Soulmate Equation is a new romantic comedy by the bestselling duo Christina Lauren, authors of The Unhoneymooners, In a Holidaze as well as The Unhoneymooners II. It tells the story of Jess Davis a statistician that lives her life according to figures. A single mom, she enjoys her private life of raising her daughter Juno alongside her grandparents as well as their best pet Fizzy and also works at Twiggs which is a coffee house. She spends most of her days scouring the customer data behind the DNA-based dating app GeneticAlly which has been making waves in the matchmaking world.

When she’s linked to the GeneticAlly creator, a gruff and sour-faced man called River Pena, who Jess visits every day at Twiggs along with her closest friend, she finds out he is more than just her numbers. When the two begin to navigate their new love affair it becomes clear that the most difficult mathematical equation is located inside the heart. The slow-burning, funny romance is sure to please fans of romantic tropes and love stories. Bustle Marie Claire and E! All have selected it as one of their top selections. PopSugar on the Internet, Goodreads and many more.


The Soulmate Equation is a brand new romance novel written by the renowned writing duo Christina Lauren. It is a sequel to the Unhoneymooners, In a Holidaze and many other books written of the acclaimed writing duo Christina Lauren comprise among their most popular works. The story tells of a researcher who finds relationship with a girl based on her scientific knowledge. The story is about a smart single mother, who finds herself matched to GeneticAlly’s founder. It uses DNA testing to find potential partners. Jess likes numbers as well as regression analysis, but she’s not keen on getting again into the world of dating.

She works for Twiggs and is raising Juno together with Fizzy, her best friend. She meets River during an event for science and she decides to share her DNA with him. Jess is initially turned off by River’s surly, grumpy personality, but as she sees him repeatedly, Jess realizes there may there is more to him more than she originally thought. It’s a fantastic Romance for those who like romantic tropes like long-term love or love-to hate.

Last Words

Jess Davis is a numbers wizard, but no amount of numbers crunching will convince her to return to the world of dating. Single mom Jess is content raising her daughter Juno with the help from her grandparents and closest friend Fizzy in addition to her part-time job as a freelance statistician for Twiggs The coffee bar she owns along with River Pena, a handsome geneticist who she meets regularly on the premises.

Jess’s life changes as she connects with River via GeneticAlly the latest DNA-based matching service. Jess is convinced she isn’t in love with River. When they’re moved from event to event in order to become the “Diamond pair” which could boost prices of the business Jess discovers that the guy is smart and it is the science behind finding a soulmate is much deeper than she believed. A New York Times bestseller, The Soulmate Equation is the most recent novel by the popular writers Christina Lauren and Josh Christina Lauren (Love and Other Words, Roomies, Josh and Hazel’s Guide to dating, Autoboyography, The Unhoneymooners, and The Soulmate Equation, which was also an Holidaze). The novel was selected by Bustle as well as E as being among their top picks. Online, Goodreads, and Marie Claire.