Christina Lauren is a best-selling pair of authors writing contemporary romance. Through their chemistry that is wildly good, unexpected pairings, as well as some clever plotting Their latest novel The Soulmate Equation does not fail to please.

Jess Davis, a mathematician who enjoys probability and regression analysis, is a master of numbers. Her main focus is on parenting her daughter Juno as a single parent and with the assistance of her grandmothers as well as her best friend Fizzy.

A Summary of The Soulmate Equation

This story is written by the bestselling duo Christina Lauren and explores the balance of fate and choice. A new twist on romantic love that’s fueled by science this novel tells the story of the unlikely relationship with statistics professor Jess Davis and geneticist Dr. River Pena.

Jess has a normal life she raises her daughter Juno along with her parents and best hero Fizzy as she works at Twiggs cafe. Jess is tired of her routine lifestyle and desires something else. The match isn’t made until she encounters the charming funny and charming the founder of GeneticAlly which is a DNA matchmaking service.

Jess despite being hesitant but decides to go with the numbers and decides to give an attempt at dating. As she’s dragged on many dates by the same person, Jess becomes concerned that it’s actually her soulmate. It’s a fascinating read. Soulmate Equation is an enchanting romantic novel that’s perfect to those who enjoy slow burn and romantic tropes of hate-to-love. Bustle Goodreads as well as E! have all selected this book as one of their top choices. Online As well as Marie Claire, this novel is a must-read for lovers of both science and romance.

Book Review: The Soulmate Equation

The Soulmate Equation is a new romance by the popular couple Christina Lauren, authors of The Unhoneymooners, In a Holidaze, as well as The Unhoneymooners II. It is the story of Jess Davis a statistician that lives her life according to numbers. The single mother enjoys her peaceful life with her daughter Juno together with her grandparents, as well as best friends Fizzy as well as working at Twiggs which is a café. The majority of her time is spent working hours scouring customer information that is the basis of the dating app based on DNA GeneticAlly and is creating waves in the matchmaking world.

When she’s linked to the GeneticAlly founder, a bitter and sour-faced man called River Pena, who Jess sees every day at Twiggs together with her best friend, it turns out to be more than just numbers. While the pair navigate their new love affair it becomes clear that the most complicated mathematical equation is located within the heart. The slow-burning, funny romance is sure to please fans of romance and love tropes. Bustle Marie Claire and E! have each picked this as the top choice. Online PopSugar, Goodreads, as well as other sources.

A Must Read for fans of Sci-Fi and romance

The soulmate equation the latest romantic romance by the well-known writing duo Christina Lauren. They are known for their novels like Unhoneymooners as well as In a Holidaze. The book tells the story of a scientist who fall in relationship with a girl due to her expertise in the field of science. This story follows a data-savvy single mom who gets matched to GeneticAlly’s founder. The company uses DNA tests for identifying potential matches. Jess likes numbers as well as regression analysis, but she doesn’t want to get back into the dating world.

She works at Twiggs and raises Juno along with Fizzy and her best friend. Then, one day, she runs into River at an event for scientists and decides to gift him her DNA. Jess is initially turned off by River’s angry, unruly personality, but as she is constantly interacting with him, Jess realizes there may have more to his personality than what she thought. It’s a fantastic Romance for those who like romantic tropes like romantic slow-burn or love-to-hate.

Last Words

Jess Davis, a single mom who works in the field, isn’t yet convinced that she should get back into the romance scene. Jess Davis, who is a single mother is pleased to raise her daughter Juno with the help of her grandmas and Fizzy her best friend all while working as a freelance statistician at Twiggs cafe, which she owns along and River Pena a handsome geneticist she regularly sees.

Jess’s life is changed after she is introduced to River via GeneticAlly which is a brand new DNA-based matching service. Jess believes that she doesn’t have a soulmate. However, as they’re transported from one event to the next for the purpose of becoming the “Diamond Pair” which can increase its stock value for the company Jess is able to recognize that the guy is smart and it is the science behind discovering a soulmate can be complicated than she thought. The Soulmate Equation, a New York Times Bestseller, is the most recent book written by the best-selling author duo Christina Lauren. (Love and Other Words), Josh and Hazel’s Guide to Being Single, Autoboyography, The Unhoneymooners, and in a Holidaze. The novel has been selected by Bustle and E as being among their Top Picks. Online, Goodreads and Marie Claire All of them have selected the novel as their Top Pick.