Christina Lauren is a best-selling duo of contemporary romance authors. Their latest novel, The Soulmate Equation, should not be missed. It is a captivating plot, a lot of chemistry and even unexpected couple.

Jess Davis is a numbers genius who thrives on regression analysis as well as probability. Also, she’s raising her daughter Juno as a single mom with the help of her grandparents and best buddy Fizzy.


The author of this story is the duo that has made a name for themselves Christina Lauren and explores the combination of destiny and choice. This book, a new novel that explores the romance of science tells the story of an unorthodox friendship that develops with the geneticist River Pena and statistician Jess Davis.

Jess has a very simple but fulfilling, life. She takes care of her child Juno alongside Fizzy and her two best friends Fizzy. While doing this, she’s employed at Twiggs Coffee Shop. However, she’s tired of the routine of her life and yearns for something more. When she meets the surly, grumpy co-founder of GeneticAlly which is a matchmaking based on DNA company.

Jess, despite her doubts she decides to believe in her numbers and try the dating game a go. If she’s forced to go on every date by her constant companion, she finds herself questioning if she is truly her soulmate. This romantic novel that is captivating will be the perfect choice for fans of slow-burn romance and love-hate tropes. Chosen as a top pick by Bustle, Goodreads, E! Online And Marie Claire, this novel should be read by anyone who is fond of both science and romance.

The Soulmate Equation: Review

A romantic comedy new from bestselling writing duo Christina Lauren–the authors of The Unhoneymooners and In a Holidaze: The Soulmate Equation (2020, $14.99) tells the story of Jess Davis, a statistician who lives by numbers. The single mother enjoys her quiet life raising her daughter Juno with her grandparents and the best friend Fizzy in addition to working in Twiggs which is a coffee shop. The woman spends the majority of her working hours scouring customer information for the app, based on DNA GeneticAlly and is creating an impact in the world of matchmaking.

However, when she’s connected to the GeneticAlly founder, a grumpy guy named River Pena, who Jess visits every day at Twiggs together with her most beloved friend, it turns out that Pena isn’t simply her numbers. While the pair navigate their relationship for the first time it becomes clear that the most complex math of all is within the heart. The witty, slow-burning romantic story is the perfect choice for those who love romantic tropes and love. The book was picked as the top selection by Bustle, Marie Claire, E! Online PopSugar, Goodreads, and much more.

Must Read for Sci-Fi fans

The soulmate equation is a new romantic romance by the well-known writer duo Christina Lauren. It is a sequel to the Unhoneymooners, In a Holidaze as well as other works from the well-known writing team Christina Lauren are among their best-known works. It tells the tale of a statistician who is in relationship with a girl due to her expertise in the field of science. This tale follows a savvy single mom who gets matched to GeneticAlly’s founder. It utilizes DNA tests to find potential partners. Jess is a fan of data and is a huge fan of regression analysis. She does not want to relapse to dating.

She is employed at Twiggs and raises Juno alongside Fizzy the best of her friends. But one day, she runs into River in a research event and decides to give him her DNA. River’s unruly and grumpy personality initially turns her off and she is not happy, however Jess keep seeing him and realizes that there might be more to him than she first believed. This is an enjoyable love story for readers who enjoy romantic themes like slow burn and hatred-to-love.

Last Words

Jess Davis is a numbers master, but nothing of calculating numbers can persuade her to reenter the realm of romance. Single mom Jess is content with raising her daughter Juno with the help from her grandparents and favorite friend Fizzy and juggling a freelance statistics job at Twiggs, the coffee shop she runs with River Pena, a handsome geneticist she regularly sees in the shop.

Jess’s situation changes dramatically when she meets River on GeneticAlly, the new matching service based on DNA. Although she’s skeptical and determined that she’s not her soulmate, as the pair are dragged from one event to the next and dubbed the “Diamond” relationship that may raise the stock price of the company, Jess begins to realize that there is more to this smart man and the art of finding a soulmate–than she ever imagined. The Soulmate Equation, a New York Times Bestseller, is the newest book from bestselling author duo Christina Lauren. (Love and Other Words), Josh and Hazel’s Guide To Never Dating, Autoboyography, The Unhoneymooners and In an Holidaze. The novel was chosen as an Top Pick by Bustle, E! Online, Goodreads, and Marie Claire.